What is NAQS

NAQS - Northeastern African Quaternary Stratigraphy is an international focus group active in the framework of INQUA Commission on Stratigraphy and Chronology (INQUA-SACCOM). One of the main goals of the NAQS is scientific discussion concerning development of a uniform and formal Late Pleistocene and Holocene climatostratigraphic division for the area of Northeastern Africa. NAQS is also an organizer of international scientific meetings, conferences and field workshops focused on issues connected with late Quaternary climatostratygraphy of the Northeastern Africa region reflected in lake, paleolakes (playa) sediments and wide range of geoarchaeological data with special attention devoted to Egypt and Sudan.

INQUA – SACCOM - The Stratigraphy and Geochronology Commission of the International Union for Quaternary Research(www.inqua-saccom.org) is devoted to the study of the Quaternary Period through Quaternary stratigraphy and chronology. It provides a forum for Quaternary scientists to discuss and establish stratigraphical investigations and classification throughout the World.

INQUA - The International Union for Quaternary Science (www.inqua.org) was established in 1928 and exists to encourage and facilitate the research of Quaternary scientists in all disciplines.



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